• Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    Photo Credit: "White Hart Lane from South End" by Forthevline - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:White_Hart_Lane_from_South_End.JPG#/media/File:White_Hart_Lane_from_South_End.JPG
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    "White Hart Lane"
    Photo Credit: "The South Stand of Tottenham Hotspur's football stadium - geograph.org.uk - 2167351" by Bill Boaden. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_South_Stand_of_Tottenham_Hotspur%27s_football_stadium_-_geograph.org.uk_-_2167351.jpg#/media/File:The_South_Stand_of_Tottenham_Hotspur%27s_football_stadium_-_geograph.org.uk_-_2167351.jpg
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    Tottenham Hotspur FC:
    "Double Winners"
    Photo Credit: " Tottenham Hotspur (1961) " аутор National Archives, The Hague , Public Image Archive : Photo collection Dutch General Fotopersbureau ( ANEFO ) , 1945-1989 - negative strips of black / white , access number , part number 913-1290 - National Archive Photo collection Anefo . Под лиценцом CC BY- SA 3.0 nl са сајта Викимедијина остава - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tottenham_Hotspur_(1961).jpg#/media/File:Tottenham_Hotspur_(1961).jpg

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#OnThisDay August 18th 2013. Premier League. Crystal Palace 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur @R9Soldado (50p) #COYS #THFChttps://t.co/Kfhn7vUYiE
#OnThisDay August 18th 2013. Premier League. Crystal Palace 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur @R9Soldado (50p) #COYS #THFChttps://t.co/Kfhn7vUYiE
#OnThisDay August 18th 2013. Premier League. Crystal Palace 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur @R9Soldado (50p) #COYS #THFChttps://t.co/Kfhn7vUYiE
Trippier back starting? #thfc #spurs #coys #FantasyPL
Trippier back starting? #thfc #spurs #coys #FantasyPL
UK Parliament: Tottenham Hotspur F.C. should get points deduction for stadium delay. - Sign the Petition!… https://t.co/7PJgsrPryB
Went to dinner yesterday with friends who also grew up in #Tottenham in the 80s. One emigrated to the states aged 1… https://t.co/3E31FDDuPG
Good luck to our U18s, who are in action away at @SwansOfficial this morning (KO 11am). Here's how Matt Wells' side… https://t.co/woP8TzQ8Fu
Do not miss the LIVE match between Tottenham and Fulham at 3pm today. It's FREE on your phone with #kweseiflix. Dia… https://t.co/iCFYgyGvcn
What we all said apart from the Levy apologists https://t.co/ZVvPZo0BrK
tottenhamblog​.com >> Chelsea ‘ready to approach Tottenham’ over striker deal https://t.co/FBXMT1b7ka
Matchday! We face Fulham at Wembley Stadium!
(Video) Marcus Edwards shows Mauricio Pochettino that he could be worth a second chance
Well yet another few trips to Wembley to add to the list. Is there anyone on here who’s done them all? OLD WEMBLEY Tottenham 2-0 Leicester FA Cup Final 1961 Tottenham 3-1 Burnley FA Cup Final 1962 Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea FA Cup Final 1967 Tottenham 2-0 Aston Villa League Cup Final 1971 Tottenham 1-0 Norwich League Cup Final 1973 Tottenham 1-1 Man City FA Cup Final 1981 Tottenham 3-2 Man City FA Cup Final Replay 1981 Tottenham 2-2 Aston Villa Charity Shield 1981 Tottenham 1-3 Liverpool League Cup Final 1982 Tottenham 1-1 QPR FA Cup Final 1982 Tottenham 1-0 QPR FA Cup Final Replay 1982 Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool Charity Shield 1982 Tottenham 2-3 Coventry FA Cup Final 1987 Tottenham 0-4 Arsenal Friendly 1988 Tottenham 1-2 AC Milan Friendly 1988 Tottenham 3-1 Arsenal FA Cup Semi Final 1991 Tottenham 2-1 Nottingham Forest FA Cup Final 1991 Tottenham 0-1 Arsenal FA Cup Semi Final 1993 Tottenham 1-0 Leicester League Cup Final 1999 NEW WEMBLEY Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea - League Cup Final 2008 Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd - League Cup Final 2009 (lost 4-1 on pens) Tottenham 1-1 Barcelona Friendly 2009 Tottenham 0-2 Celtic Friendly 2009 Tottenham 0-2 Portsmouth- FA Cup Semi Final 2010 Tottenham 1-5 Chelsea FA - Cup Semi Final 2012 Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea League Cup Final 2015 Tottenham 1-2 Monaco Champions League 2016 Tottenham 0-1 Bayer Layverkussen Champions League 2016 Tottenham 3-1 CSKA Moscow Champions League 2016 Tottenham 2-2 Ghent Europa League 2017 (lost 3-2 on agg) Tottenham 2-4 Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final 2017 Tottenham 2-0 Juventus Friendly 2017 Tottenham 1-2 Chelsea Prem 2017 Tottenham 1-1 Burnley Prem 2017 Tottenham 3-1 Dortmund Champions League 2017 Tottenham 0-0 Swansea Prem Tottenham 1-0 Barnsley League Cup 3rd Round 2017 Tottenham 1-0 Bournemouth Prem 2017 Tottenham 4-1 Liverpool Prem 2017 Tottenham 2-3 West Ham League Cup 4th Round 2017 Tottenham 3-1 Real Madrid Champions League 2017 Tottenham 1-0 Crystal Palace Prem 2017 Tottenham 1-1 West Brom Prem 2017 Tottenham 3-0 Apoel Nicosia Champions League 2017 Tottenham 5-1 Stoke City Prem 2017 Tottenham 2-0 Brighton Prem 2017 Tottenham 5-2 Southampton Prem 2017 Tottenham 1-1 West Ham Prem 2018 Tottenham 3-0 AFC Wimbledon FA Cup 3rd Round 2018 Tottenham 4-0 Everton Prem 2018 Tottenham 2-0 Man Utd Prem 2018 Tottenham 2-0 Newport County FA Cup 4th Round Replay 2018 Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal Prem 2018 Tottenham 6-1 Rochdale FA Cup 5th Round Replay 2018 Tottenham 1-2 Juventus Champions League (lost 3-4 on agg) Tottenham 2-0 Huddersfield Prem 2018 Tottenham 1-3 Man City Prem 2018 Tottenham 1-2 Man Utd FA Cup Semi Final 2018 Tottenham 2-0 Watford Prem 2018 Tottenham 1-0 Newcastle Prem 2018 Tottenham 5-4 Leicester City Prem 2018

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Club Contact Details: Bill Nicholson Way, 748 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 0AP Telephone: 0344 499 5000 

Club Nicknames: The club's nickname is "Spurs" which is clearly a shortened version of 'Hotspur.' One theory of why the club was called Hotspur in the first place is that Sir Henry Percy's family owned a large amount of land around the Tottenham area and his own nickname was 'Harry Hotspur.' They are also called "The Lilywhites" after the colour of their home shirts.


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Photo Credit: Shutterstock "Ball and trophy" Image ID: 106275188 Copyright: bioraven
White http://www.thefootballground.com/umbraco/Hart Lane
Daniel Levy
Mauricio Pochettino

Location: The club is based in Tottenham in the London Borough of Haringey, North London, England

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Tottenham Hotspur currently play in the Premier League in England.

History of Football: Tottenham Hotspur FC

Origins: The club was formed in 1882, as Hotspur F.C. Tottenham F.C. played their first matches at Tottenham Marshes on public pitches, remaining there for six years. It was here that the club first played arch rivals Royal Arsenal in front of increasing crowd sizes – so much so that the club moved to Northumberland Park in 1898 but, also due to crowd attendances for matches against re-named Woolwich Arsenal, had to move again a year later. This time they moved to White Hart Lane which was originally a disused nursery owned by Charringtons, the brewers, and located behind a public house on Tottenham High Road.


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