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Watford F.C. - Honours

In the history of soccer, since its formation in 1881, Watford Football Club has played in the top four levels of the English football league system. The club has finished as runners-up in the top tier of English football once and been runners-up in the FA Cup twice.



Level One of the English football league system (known as the football pyramid)

(‘Football League First Division’ until 1992; ‘Premier League’ from 1993)

Runners-up: Once - 1983

Level Two of the English football league system

('Second Division' until 1992; 'Football League First Division' until 2004; 'Championship' since 2005)

Runners-up: Twice - 1982, 2015

Play-Off Winners: Twice - 1999, 2006

Level Three of the English football league system

('Third Division' ('Third Division North' and 'Third Division South' from 1922 - 1958) until 1992; 'Football League Second Division' until 2004; 'League One' since 2005)

Winners: Twice - 1969, 1998

Runners-up: Once - 1979

Level Four of the English football league system

('Fourth Division' from 1959 until 1992; 'Football League Third Division' until 2004; 'League Two' since 2005)

Winners: Once - 1978

FA Cup

Runners-up: Twice - 1984, 2019


First Football History

Events and details behind each of these and other national triumphs and near misses form part of the Watford Football Club story. From this site you can also search for football books which expand further on the soccer history of Watford Football Club. These books are available on amazon: Watford Book Selection




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