History of Football: FIFA World Cup - 1958

The sixth FIFA football World Cup tournament took place in Sweden from 8th June to 29th June 1958. This was the second successive tournament to be held in Europe after Switzerland in 1954 (as with France following Italy as hosts in 1938). It also received international television coverage for the first time in World Cup history.

Previous two-times winners Uruguay (1930 and 1950) and Italy (1934 and 1938) failed to qualify for the 1958 tournament. It is the only World Cup for which Italy have failed to qualify (they did not enter the first competition in 1930).

The Soviet Union entered and qualified for the first time as did Wales and Northern Ireland. This was the only time when all of the Home nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – all qualified for the same tournament. Wales have never qualified since 1958 and were finally eliminated here by Brazil 1.0. The scorer of the goal was the first World Cup goal to be scored by the Brazilian, Pelé, the youngest scorer ever at a World Cup. At 17 years old he was also the youngest player to play in a World Cup Final.

The final was held in the Rasunda Stadium in Solna (Stockholm) on 29th June 1958 in front of a crowd of 51,800. Brazil beat the hosts, Sweden, 5.2 to win their first World Cup title. Brazil’s scorers were Vavá, Pelé and Mário Zagallo; Nils Liedholm and Agne Simonsson scored for Sweden.

The Golden Boot (‘adidas Golden Shoe’ since 1982) award for most goals scored in the tournament was won by the French striker, Just Fontaine, with 13 goals (a Frenchman – Lucien Laurent - had also scored the first ever World Cup goal against Mexico in 1930). This number of goals scored in a single World Cup tournament has never been beaten. He played in a number 13 shirt throughout and in borrowed boots.

Winners: Brazil

Runners-up: Sweden

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