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šŸŽ„ As part of his trip to Belfast The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, visited the National Football Stadiumā€¦https://t.co/r8nHk0zH4oo
Liam Boyce makes it 1-1 against @officialpompey with his fourth goal in five games for in-form @burtonalbionfc #BATW
šŸŽ„ As part of his trip to Belfast The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, visited the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park...
Absolute shirt porn and a must have for bearded hipsters and members of the LondonNISCšŸ˜‰! These in a decent condition are going for Ā£100+ on ebay. Seem to remember Latvia had the same shirt in purple and some club team had the green but with their own badge of course.

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National Football Team and Management: Northern Ireland

Contact Details:Ā 
Irish Football AssociationĀ 
Donegall Avenue
Northern IrelandĀ 
BT12 6LW
Telephone:Ā (0)28 90 669 458

Team Nicknames: The Northern Ireland National Football Team's nickname is 'The Green and White Army' or 'Norn Iron' as fans refer to themselves at Windsor Park.


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Windsor Park
Gerry Mallon
Michael O'Neill

History of Football: Northern Ireland - National Team

Origins:Ā From 1882 to 1921 a single side - the Ireland national football team, controlled by the Irish Football Association (IFA) - represented all of Ireland in football. After partition of the island in 1921 and the setting up of the independent Irish Free State the following year the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) was formed to represent the national football team south of the border; the national team in the north was - and continues to be - represented by the IFA. The two Ireland teams existed alongside each other but never met in a major tournament.

In March, 1950 in a qualifying match against Wales for that year's World Cup the northern team included four players who had been born in the south. The FAI complained and, in 1953, FIFA - the world's governing body for football - ruled that players' eligibility to play for their national teams depended upon which side of the actual border between the two countries they came from. It also stated that neither of the national teams could be referred to as simply 'Ireland.' The FAI team would henceforth be officially designated as the Republic of Ireland, while the IFA team was to become Northern Ireland.


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