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    Republic of Ireland
    "Aviva Stadium"
    Photo Credit: "By William Murphy "The Aviva Stadium - Lansdowne Road, Dublin" Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)"

Republic of Ireland - Honours

Since its formation in 1921 the Republic of Ireland National Team has reached the Quarter-final of the World Cup once.


UEFA European Championship (Euro)

Round of 16: Once - 2016

Group Stage: Twice - 1988 (Fifth Place), 2012 (16th Place)


FIFA World Cup

Quarter-final: Once - 1990 (Seventh Place)

Round of 16: Twice - 1994 (15th Place), 2002 (12th Place)


First Football History

Events and details behind each of these and other national triumphs and near misses form part of the Republic of Ireland football history story. We have selected a series of football books which expand further on the soccer history of the Republic of Ireland National Team. These books have been carefully selected, reviewed and are available on amazon: Republic of Ireland - Book Selection

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